Helllllooooo! It’s Camilla again! As you know I have had the team blogging about our time here. Micah and Reed really wanted to step up and not just blog about their experience in Bucharest, but VLOG it. I couldn’t say no, I love a good vlog. SO, I gave them a few guidelines and wrote a couple of questions I am sure you will find somewhat interesting (if you do have other questions, PLEASE let me know in the comment section below, they still have 3 more nights in Romania and I would love to challenge all of them to answer you!)

Anyways, before I post the video and some photos from today, I wanted to say a huge thank you for the many many many people that are new to following here. One of the best things about what I do is the privilege of sharing my passion and love for this country, so the more people who are interested in it, the better!

We have a busy day tomorrow. We have busy days everyday here. Camp is exhausting. It is so so great though. I am already dreading dropping the kids off at home on Monday. I am already looking forward to our next camp. But I am looking forward to my bed more right now, good night! Enjoy the pictures, and the vlog!





And of course, the reason most of you are here…. the vloooooog.


  1. The vlog was great!! So nice to see and hear you Micah.
    But, c’mon, “what do you miss about home?”. Family? 😁
    Continuing in prayer for the team. You are making a difference!

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