Happy 2017

When your computer doesn’t even remember your wordpress username and password I think thats a sign you haven’t been blogging enough. ooooooopssssssssiesssss.

BUT, as the infamous, Gwynn Lewis once told me six months ago, “its better to be out with the kids than sitting on the computer constantly communicating” Now I know theres probably a healthy balance and I am working on it. Thats my goal for 2017.  Not long in-depth updates, but brief consistent ones. And newsletters quarterly. Now its in writing I have to right? Oh and also. whenever I try and blog, this happens:



As always, December is insanely busy…..for anyone really, but we just have so much to do and it feels like such a short amount of time, so it flies by. Its always so great though!  As for Hope Rescue Centre, we had a second annual team from England come out and help us organize, wrap and deliver gifts and food to HUNDREDS of homeless children. Hundreds.  HRC is growing so quickly and it is amazing to see people donate to the most unloved and unreachable children in this city! Here are just a FEW of the pictures of us in action.





And heres a few more because… HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE KIDS?!

And as for Refuge Center, we were able to throw not just one party, but two this year! (Because of the generous donations!) I couldn’t make the second party because it conflicted with another party for the homeless kids but here are a few pictures from the Christmas party we had for our orphanage boys. Pizza, games, crafts, songs, and gifts, best day ever for them!


After all these Christmas festivities I got to celebrate Christmas with my friends. We had a big meal, gift exchange, and I made them wear traditional English Christmas cracker hats.



I also took a trip with Mike and Dana to scout a new camp location and i am excited to announce that the FIRST (EEEEK MORE THAN ONE THIS SUMMER!) camp location is confirmed! I cannot wait for the RHCC college team to get out here and love on these homeless kids! Camp is going to be amazing this year, I am already wishing away the rest of winter and spring so the teams get here. Oh, and also because the weather is currently…. this. (Yes that is my car and yes it will stay like that until March)



As always, all of these parties, gifts, treats would not be possible without the many many donations that came through this year.  You all have the biggest heart for these kids that you haven’t even met, it blows my mind that people care and love for these children almost as much as I do. So thank you thank you thank you for your constant support, prayers, love, and donations to make life for these children better this holiday season.

Seriously, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! These December festivities would not have been possible without YOU.

Blessings from Bucharest,