Cluj Charity Run!

17199874_10155625867490476_1197523870_oIts official. There is no getting out of it. I am officially signed up and registered to run the 10.5 km run in Cluj on April 9th.

There are very few reasons I would voluntarily sign up to run a over 6.5 miles early on a Sunday morning, but a good cause is definitely one of those reasons.

Blythswood Romania is doing amazing things in the city of Cluj and it is an absolute honor to raise money for them. I have worked with orphans in Bucharest for the last 4 years and one of the hardest things to witness is one of the children turning 18.  The government basically washes their hands clean of them and makes them fend for themselves. These children are put into the real world almost instantly without any trade, skills or work experience. Also, they lack basic social skills and standards to function in the real world.

Specifically, I am running for the Daniel Centre. The Daniel Centre is based in Cluj, Romania and takes in some young men who have been dropped by government care as soon as they become adults. The Daniel Centre trains, teaches, and equips these young men with skills and trades to be able to not just survive, but thrive in the real working world.

As I said before, it is an honor to raise awareness and money for such a great cause doing great thing. Please please consider donating to me and my friends’ page.

We only have three weeks left to train before we fly to Cluj so any and all support is more than welcome!

For more information on Blythswood Romania and the Daniel Centre you can visit their Facebook page or website here:

OR: check out the amazing video at the bottom of this post!

And of course, if you feel you would like to support our race page, please donate very quickly and easily right here:

On behalf of Marc, Marina and myself,


Hellooooo March!

At the risk of completely jinxing this country with another snow storm, winter is officially over!! LOOK, this was taken a few days ago at the park I live next to and I wasn’t bundled up in a million layers of clothes. It has been in the 60s/70s!!


Before I moved here, I had no idea how much the weather could effect/affect (I will never know the correct way to use these) your mood. It is still really novelty to me to have seasons and have extreme weather because I grew up where you had one wardrobe for the entire year, and when it did dip below 70 degrees F we broke our ugg boots and beanies. Here you really do get to dress for all seasons, but after a few weeks of minus temperatures and a few feet of snow, it gets old. Slipping on ice, walking through dirty slush and having buses splash you with filthy street slush make you eager for the spring. Okay that enough about the weather. But seriously, this weekend was spent in the park with THOUSANDS of families who are just as happy as I am to see the sunshine again!

Last week was a really successful week personally. I know it seems like I have been doing paperwork for years, but last week I made major progress. I FINALLY GOT MY BANK ACCOUNT HERE. And for 99 percent of the people reading this, that seems like such a basic, easy thing to do, but for me, it isn’t. Without getting into too many boring details, I am blessed/cursed by being a dual citizen (US/UK) and all the information the banks need to open my account, I do not have. They need a visa number, which I do not need because of my UK citizenship. They need my fiscal tax paying number, which I don’t have because I pay in America. I was just stuck. But after 5 visits to a specific bank, with a specific manager that is good friends with a friend, I GOT A BANK ACCOUNT! Now, I can work on getting a 5 year identity number which can eventually be turned into permanent residency.  I told you, its boring, but its been a lot of paperwork and running around and time and I am so happy to have accomplished something that seemed so impossible a few weeks ago! YAY (Highly doubt he is reading this but thank you so much Dean for helping me!)

As great as that was, last week was also a very bittersweet one. My closest friend here moved back to America. I sound like a broken record, but I will never get used to having to say goodbye to friends so often. Tina and I met over a year ago when we were put in the same Bible Study group at church. We quickly became inseparable because of our love for politics, cats, Mexican food (okay fine, food in general) and being from California! We had so so so many adventures in the past year like trips to Bulgaria and London, teaching her to ski in Brasov, concerts, karaoke, brunches, and dinners in just about every restaurant in the city. Bitter, because I am going to miss her. Sweet, because she took an amazing government job and will be assigned to a new country every few years which means our adventures have only just begun together! Miss you already T!


Because this already sounds like more of a diary entry than a blog I might as well keep the personal updates going. I have signed up to run a race in a big city in the north of Romania, Cluj. I haven’t been there and 3 friends and I are flying up for the weekend to run for a charity there.  I will be posting a separate blog post on the amazing charity that we are running for, with information on how to donate because we need all the support we can get. Unfortunately, I got injured last week (do knee injuries EVER fully heal? its been almost 10 years since I first injured it and its still giving me major problems!) but I am still on track for being ready to run in early April. Please pray for quick healing so I can train without pain again!


I am, once again, doing a big clothing collection, as I already have about 15 bags and I know people are in the mood for a closet clean out. I am collecting and sorting clothes all this week to distribute to the families I work with, so please get in touch with me if you have something to donate! I am hoping to have everything collected by this Friday, and sorted and delivered by next week. You can either drop it off at my house which is near Sun Plaza, the office building which is off of Floreasca, OR I can pick it up from you if you are in the area! Thanks in advance!



Wow, I cannot believe I almost forgot to talk about this. It’s why I have spent the last week on my laptop emailing people 100 times a day. OUR TWO CAMP TEAMS ARE OFFICIAL. Yes, thats right, TWO! My home church, Rolling Hills Covenant, is sending a college team made up of 10 people in June to run a camp for our kids. And 3 days later, a high school team of 9, is coming to do it all over again. That means we are able to bring double the amount of kids to camp this year! I cannot believe the flight tickets are officially bought and its actually happening, but I need to believe it because its already March and June will be here in no time!

Bonus news, I am flying back to Los Angeles with the second team on July 7! I will be in the area for a few weeks to fundraise and to meet with supporters. I know it seems quite OCD of me, but please do not hesitate to start emailing me about meeting up, or having me speak at your service, Bible Study, church, etc. I am home for a very short time and I want to make sure I meet with as many supporters as possible! Because as you well know, without your support, I wouldn’t be here.

Until then, continue to pray for me, the ministry, the children, the teams coming out to serve, and Romania as a whole. As always, thank you for continued support, for your grace with my lack of updates, and especially for your love for Romania, Bucharest, and the people who desperately need hope for a better future.

Blessings from Bucharest,