Cluj Charity Run!

17199874_10155625867490476_1197523870_oIts official. There is no getting out of it. I am officially signed up and registered to run the 10.5 km run in Cluj on April 9th.

There are very few reasons I would voluntarily sign up to run a over 6.5 miles early on a Sunday morning, but a good cause is definitely one of those reasons.

Blythswood Romania is doing amazing things in the city of Cluj and it is an absolute honor to raise money for them. I have worked with orphans in Bucharest for the last 4 years and one of the hardest things to witness is one of the children turning 18.  The government basically washes their hands clean of them and makes them fend for themselves. These children are put into the real world almost instantly without any trade, skills or work experience. Also, they lack basic social skills and standards to function in the real world.

Specifically, I am running for the Daniel Centre. The Daniel Centre is based in Cluj, Romania and takes in some young men who have been dropped by government care as soon as they become adults. The Daniel Centre trains, teaches, and equips these young men with skills and trades to be able to not just survive, but thrive in the real working world.

As I said before, it is an honor to raise awareness and money for such a great cause doing great thing. Please please consider donating to me and my friends’ page.

We only have three weeks left to train before we fly to Cluj so any and all support is more than welcome!

For more information on Blythswood Romania and the Daniel Centre you can visit their Facebook page or website here:

OR: check out the amazing video at the bottom of this post!

And of course, if you feel you would like to support our race page, please donate very quickly and easily right here:

On behalf of Marc, Marina and myself,


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