This week we sorted, delivered, enjoyed the company of the beneficiaries we work with. Here is the sorting room, and all of the food packages we made for one of the homeless communities we work with.



The neighborhood “India” is easily one of the roughest and hardest places to live. A lot of the families we work with in Bucharest don’t go hungry, but so many of these children do. It is also heartbreaking because a lot of them don’t go to school, have never been, and really want to go.

Here are some pictures of us delivering to “India” The children are EXTRA excited because Mike told them about camp. Last year we didn’t have the means or the appropriate relationship with these families for us to take these children away to camp but this year we do! I think you can tell by their smiles how excited they are already!


“Hasdeu” is one of my favoriteeeeee places to visit! So when I heard we didn’t have anything to give them I frantically called my friend Katy and asked if she could spread the word about our need for 20 racks of 30 eggs. Within hours, Katy had bought them ALL, and treated me to lunch at the embassy. So thankful for such generous friends who are constantly giving to this ministry in any way they can. THANKS KATY!!


A lot of the kids who live in this abandoned building went to camp with us last year so I love coming to visit. It really did change our relationship with them in an amazing way.  It shows that camp doesn’t just bless them for a week away, but strengthens our relationship with the kids and the trust between us and their parents. Here we are delivering to Hasdeu. ((Side note: some of the orphanage kids that I have been working with since 2013 live here with their parents now. Orphanage child doesnt necessarily mean they’re parents have died, usually its that they are unable to care for their child. SO, I am recognizing these kids from everywhere, its a small world.)


The government have moved our “bunker” Ferentari families into apartment building in Ferentari. They have shared bathrooms and showers but personally, the room they are given to live in is much better than the barracks they were living in before. We arrived at this neighborhood with tons of packages for these families. Some of the kids I ran into outside I have known from the orphanages, AND from volunteering at the Ruth School years ago, and of course, some kids form our camp last year. I can barely run into a group of kids in this area and not know at least one of them! I have to admit, I skipped out on the delivering of donations. I didn’t make it inside. All the boys were outside playing tennis football and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play with them! (And no, it wasn’t because we were delivering heavy packages to people living on the 5th floor with no elevator.) Major thank you to my parents, Louise, and Stacey who contacted me as soon as they saw an immediate need to fund the last of the Easter packages. All of these children will have a good Easter with full bellies because of you! So thank you for your generous donations!




SO, its officially Good Friday today. Sun is SHINING! I am catching up on every single email that is well overdo! I will enjoy this Easter weekend, like I hope you do too, and then its right into meetings, scheduling and planning camp. I hope to have a camp donation drive for the supplies the children will need soon to be as organized and prepared as I can be for this years TWO CAMPS! Did I mention we are doing TWO CAMPS?  Before I know it, the teams will be here and we will be off to the mountains with these children. I would say I can’t wait, but I can because there is still SO MUCH TO DO.

Paste Fericit! Blessings from Bucharest,



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