Wisdom teeth be gone….paperwork be done!


I have officially completed all of my legal residency and car paperwork. I feel so free! But, not really because it cost quite a bit of money. BUT, there is no price on this feeling, knowing I am here legally, and knowing that if and when I get pulled over, the car is mine, insurance and registration is up to date and I can enjoy my personalized license plates! Huge thanks to Costi, who helped me with my paperwork over the last two years, and Petre who was able to take the final steps and get this all done for me. RELIEF! If you see these plates on the road in Bucharest- say hello, its me!


Last week I had an appointment for my wisdom teeth to be removed. My mom flew out late late late Tuesday evening. She was on the same flight as the Enescu’s who pastor Calvary Chapel here and who I have known for almost 6 years! So it was a little reunion at the airport!


Anyways, Wednesday afternoon I went to the dentist to get my wisdom teeth removed. They don’t really “do” anesthesia for this type of thing here which made me believe it wasn’t going to be as bad as I had thought. Well, it was. Unfortunately, because my teeth were so impacted, coming in sideways, and so close to nerves, they were only able to take one of the two out that they had planned. Which made recovery sliiiiiightly easier since I could still kind of feel one side of my face, BUT unfortunately means, I will have to do this entire this again when I return from America.  It was so helpful having my mom help me out for a few days after, thankfully there was enough football and tennis on the TV that we were well entertained! I am 6 days out of the operation and still recovering. Today I am even doing 24 hours without speaking to hope to speed up the recovery, and if anyone knows me you’ll know that this will be the longest 24 hours of my life. Which is probably why I am blogging today…. to speak through a keyboard.


Overall, it was okay. I am alive and recovering. And I am thankful for the good and cheap dental care here. Just not looking forward to doing this all over again but I am not going to think about it until August!

ANYWAYSSSSS, enough about me and onto far more important thing likes camps and the children attending! Mike and Dana are finalizing the list of children who will be officially coming to the camps RHCC is running in June and July. A lot of these kids have never seen life outside of Bucharest so these camps will be totally life changing for them. Unfortunately, most of these kids don’t have the clothes or toiletries to spend a week in a hotel SO within the next 48 hours, I will be launching a campaign for YOU to sponsor one of the children coming to camp to help pay for basic clothing and toiletries. Please consider and pray about sponsoring one of these children to make camp and all around better experience for them and for us.


Details, photos, and more information coming soon. Within the next 48 hours! Stay tunedddddddd.


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