“Camp Kit” Sponsorship

Helllllo everybody, and welcome to all the new visitors who have found their way here through the most recent Hope Rescue Centre campaign!

For those of you that don’t know, I am the camp coordinator for a local charity/NGO in Bucharest called “Hope Rescue Centre.” We work with the most at risk children in this city who live on the streets, in abandoned buildings and barracks and are generally homeless. Here are some of the “homes” these children come from who we have worked with consistently since the beginning of Hope Rescue Centre in November 2015.

This year I am taking close to 70 (YES, 70!) of these children away to summer camp. Last year we did 1 camp with 35 children so although this is double the work, it is also double the joy for the children. Summer camp is a time for these children to leave their hard lives in Bucharest for 5 days and enjoy childhood, summer and the sun in the mountains! Here are a few pictures from last year’s camp. (Don’t hesitate to look back on June/July 2016 blog posts for daily camp updates!)

Most of these kids have never left the city, never been on a bus before, and certainly never had three full meals in a day. Some parents were hesitant to send their child to camp because they didn’t have clothes or toiletries, until we mentioned these camp kits. It truly made the difference between some kids being able to come or not.
The first camp is geared towards children ages 11-14 and the second week of camp is children aged 7-10 with the exception of a few siblings who are going to camp together. The camps are funded and run by a group of high school and college American volunteers who are flying out from my home church based in Los Angeles. (If you really don’t know my story, this is how I ended up living here… one week of volunteering turned into 5 years of living and working in Romania!)

Lodging, food, activities, and transport is completely covered by the American team, but unfortunately the basics like clean clothes, pajamas and toiletries is not. To make this as easy as possible to help out, I am starting a campaign to sponsor one of these children for camp. Which means you would fill a backpack with new shoes, clothes, and a few toiletries (I have an exact list of what to supply) and give it to me before June 15 so the child coming to camp has a more enjoyable and clean week.

For those that are too busy, or located in another country but would still like to donate, I am asking for a 200 lei sponsorship, or 50 USD or 40 GBP so that I can do the shopping for the camp kit.

Here is the exact list of what we are hoping to fill in the overnight bags for the children:

Pair of flip flops
Pair of tennis shoes
2 pairs of shorts
1 track suit (or sweat pants and a hoodie)
3 t-shirts
5 pairs of underwear
3 pairs of socks
Sleepwear (Summer pajamas, light)
Deodorant spray

I have the sizes and age for each child, along with a picture so you know exactly who your kit is going to.

If you think you would like to sponsor a child, please contact me so I can give you more detailed information and a picture of the child you are providing a kit for!

As always, thank you so much in advance and especially to people who have spread the word and have got children sponsored already. Nothing makes me happier than knowing there are more people who care and love these children than we think.



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