7 Day Camp Countdown!

Usually I would be totally stressed with less than a week to go until the team arrives, and exactly a week before we take our first group of 33 children away to camp, BUT, I am feeling super organized and ready!

All of the children for camp week 1 are totally sponsored with their camp kits, and 90 percent of them are sitting in my living room waiting to be given out next Monday morning! I cannot thank everyone enough for how generous everyone has been locally and world wide. So many of the first camp kits were made locals from the American Embassy, the British School of Bucharest and the families who live at GG- THANK YOU! It has made preparation so much easier and I have loved seeing all the clothes, shoes and bags you have picked out personally for the child/children you have sponsored!


Last Friday we had a meeting with the translators and went over the curriculum and schedule for the first week of camp. Along with games, activities, sports and crafts, we are going to Peles Castle and a ropes course. The first camp is with children from 10-14 with a couple exceptions because of siblings. We are so excited and ready to head to the mountains but I would love to ask for your prayers as we do final preparations and travel by bus to camp next Monday morning. Pray for safety mostly, that the children know that we are loving them because Jesus loves us, and of course, for tons of fun!

The first team from RHCC arrives late Saturday night so please pray for their safe travels as they travel from LAX to Heathrow and then to Bucharest. Sunday we have a full day of running through camp skits, and visiting these “homes” the children come from. And then its off to camp we go!

This is just a quick update as I am headed back out to shop for more camp kits. Just like this one! Each kit includes, shoes, flip-flops, a hat, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 t-shirts, pajamas, a tracksuit, underwear, a toothbrush and deodorant. IMG_6545


I just realized how much stuff I still have to buy before the second camp and I am now stressing out a little. I really only have 48 hours in between teams to recover, prepare for the second camp, AND prepare for my trip to America! As for my trip to America, please let me know if you would like to meet up any of my open days. It is a short trip and filling up quickly but would love to see as many of you as possible!




Thank you for supporting me, Hope Rescue Centre, and the camps! I will keep you as updated as possible over the next few weeks!



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