Camp 1 Day 2 Update! (Double guest blogs)

We are a litttttttle behind on blogging and posting so my apologies but I wanted to leave you with a little video from our first night at camp. I think its safe to say that the kids are having a great time! And after is a delayed post from two of the RHCC team members who wrote about their experiences so far. Then, my pictures from our field trip to Peles Castle, how GORGEOUS is Romania?!




Hi I am Jonathan Renard, I am a college student. I came here to spread the good news that Jesus loves these kids and knows them. I also came to get out of my comfort zone. I go to Rolling hills covent church and thats how I heard about this trip. The highlight of the week has seeing the kids so happy with what they have and that makes me feel a little bit selfish, because I live in America and we always want more stuff, but we don’t stop and think about how kids in different countries have so little. They are happy with what they have. yesterday we made t-shirts and we had skits and a testimony and it made me happy to them enjoying their time. Today we are going to castle peles. and playing some football (soccer), also teaching them english. Also we will teaching them dance. My biggest struggle is knowing what to ask them and just talking, Because I am a quiet guy and I want to be able to talk to them as much as I can.

Yesterday’s Pictures:




Hello my name is Vanessa! Today was another long but fruitful day here in Sinia,România. It was day two of camp with the kids and I definitely noticed a change in kids. They became more open with all of us, more involved in worship/crafts/games, and overall more excited.We started off the day with the kids. Enjoying meals with all of these guys is such a treat.  It’s inspiring how much they will put others first. I have had multiple kids asking to pour my water for me or kids making sure I’m eating enough by constantly offering me more bread or asking if I want their food. All of this shows just how truly selfless these kids can be and how eager they are to love others. After breakfast we began our morning program. The kids love learning the worship songs and dancing along. We performed a skit for the kids and followed up with a message. The theme this morning was Jesus hears me. Many of these children live lives where they are often seen as voiceless and invisible, so we want them to know that they are heard by our God. We asked the kids questions like ‘when do you feel like you aren’t heard’ and ‘when has Jesus answered your prayers’. Our morning program ended with a craft. The craft was prayer journals. The kids got to decorate with markers and construction paper to make their own prayer journals. The idea of these journals was to help convey to the kids that whatever they write or think God will hear. After our program we went into workshop time where the kids rotated between four groups. The groups were dance, soccer, music, and English. I was given the opportunity to teach the kids English with one of my other teammates Rika. We taught them colors, animals, and numbers. Not only were the kids eager to learn but they also wanted to make sure we knew how to say the words in Romanian as well. After each group went to every workshop we had a quick lunch and headed off to peles castle! This was a super fun trip! We took lots of pictures and got to tour the castle. I think the kids really enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the history of the castle and see all the cool things inside! During this trip the kids all wanted to hold our hands and sit next to is on the bus! After peles we headed back to camp where we spent free time making loom bands, painting nails and playing soccer. After free time ended we ate dinner and headed to night program. Where we sang worship, played Simon says, and heard Emma’s testimony. We ended the long day with small group with the children where we talked about Emma’s testimony and the morning message and then off to bed for the kids! Excited for day 3!

Peles Castle Photos: IMG_6746IMG_6748IMG_6753IMG_6754IMG_6756

Thank you for continuing to pray and support all of us over here! It is currently Wednesday and we are powering through another full day of activities, water games and worship. The weather has been great the last 2 days so we are praying it stays like this as we have another field trip planned for tomorrow- an adventure park!

Loooooove from ROMANIA!


One thought on “Camp 1 Day 2 Update! (Double guest blogs)

  1. Yay, Camilla. Looks like camp is going really well. The kids adorable. Praying for an amazing week for you all, safety and good weather.
    God bless, Mum. Xx

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