Camp 1 Day 3 Pictures and 2 Guest Bloggers!

Hellooooo from Sinaia, Romania!


We had another amazing day of camp yesterday (Wednesday) with great weather when it was needed, water games, great food, and an amazing time getting to know the kids on a deeper level. Also, loom bands. Lots and lots of loom bands. And of course, football. The kids cannot get enough of it. We didn’t leave camp yesterday as we had so much planned. Here are some pictures:



And because the team is made up of TEN people, I have two people who wrote about what they’ve experienced so far.

WRITTEN BY EGGY: (Truly don’t even know his real name….)

When I hear the word missionary I think of someone who has sacrificed a large portion of their life for missions. So yesterday when someone called me a missionary during prayer I didn’t feel qualified to be called that. It is so hard to describe these Romanian kids. Most of them have been through more trials than I will go through my entire life. And yet they are 9-10 years younger than me. The circumstances they have been put in has rapidly increased their maturity and stolen most of their childhood. So my purpose here is to serve these kids, show them Gods love through me and give them some of their childhood back. And so far our college team has been able to do just that. Today was definitely the most physically, mentally and spiritually taxing day yet but yet was the most enjoyable. Just eating with these kids and playing soccer with them simple though it may seem, has such a huge impact on them. Seeing those beautiful smiles across their face brings joy to my heart. In addition to an awesome day filled with water balloons . . . you just can’t top that. I am so blessed to be here – Negi



Hello everyone! My name is Emma, and I am a member of the RHCC college missions team. This is my very first missions trip, and I have been experiencing some of the best days of my life here in Romania. We just finished up our second full day of camp with the kids, and man are our days filled with excitement and fun. After starting our day off right with a hearty breakfast, our team went through our morning program in which we had a game, worship (led by our amazing Romanian translators), a skit, and a Bible message (shared by our wonderful team member Rika) that all were centered on the topic of “Jesus Knows Me.” ¬†Sometimes a topic like this can be a hard concept to grasp, but I truly think the kids were able to connect to the feeling of having a Heavenly Father who knows and cares for them always. I mean, when you think about that concept, it’s incredibly mind-blowing. JESUS KNOWS ME!! It’s insane! Each and every one of these kids is special and precious in our Lord’s eyes, and getting to know them these past couple of days has filled my heart to the brim with joy. I fully expect my heart to burst by the end of camp tomorrow…
After our morning program we went into workshops. We had an English station, Exercise/Sport station, Music station, and a Dance station. I’ve had the pleasure of leading this dance station with the fantastic help of one of our camp’s translators, Ruxi. To say that I have fun while running this station is a COMPLETE understatement. I love dancing and have been training in ballet since I was 2 years old, but I can honestly say that teaching these Romanian kids a little bit of dance for the past two days has been the most joyful experience I’ve had with dance thus far. They love to learn anything and everything! After workshops and lunch, everyone headed out to the tennis courts for an epic waterballoon showdown. Waterballoon games, running, laughing, and becoming soaking wet was of course a major highlight of the day. To close out the evening after free time, our team led the kids through night program which included games, a skit, worship, and a testimony by our awesome team member Jonathan. Each set of co-leaders with translators then came back to the rooms with our groups of kids to to have a time of small group discussion about what we learned in the messages today. Rika and I were able to talk and listen to some amazing stories and feelings of the girls in our group about how Jesus knows them, and how they know Him as well. It blows my mind the joy and faith these girls express in Jesus, and makes me yearn to go deeper with them in encouraging their relationship with Jesus. God has gifted these kids with such creativity and beautiful hearts. Their generosity knows no bounds, and their love pours out to all.
I can hardly express the emotions felt while at this camp, but I can say without a doubt that this experience has already changed me in many ways, and hope will continue to do so in our remaining time here in Sinaia. Praise be to God for these kids, and for this amazing organization that is able to connect with them. I can’t thank the Romanian team enough for allowing our RHCC team to come and be a part of this wonderful mission.

But our time isn’t finished just yet! Day 4 of camp starts 9 am sharp, and I can’t wait for it.

Thank you everyone for your support and prayers!! Stay tuned for our next blog post. As the Romanians say, noapte buna (goodnight)!!



We are currently about half way through our final FULL day of camp. Please pray for continued energy, enthusiasm and safety as we wrap this week up. Goodbyes are horrible and I will be the first to cry even though I will see these kids in August BUT i am so so so excited to be back in Bucharest. I am a city girl through and through and although I can somewhat appreciate how gorgeous it is out here…. its time for me to go back into my natural habitat. The humid, ugly, sweaty city I am so lucky to call home….Bucharest.

Love from ROMANIA!





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