Final Full Day of Camp Week 1! (Two Guest VLOGGERS!!)

Thursday was an AMAZING day at camp. Not only for the children, but for us volunteers as well! We took the kids to an adventure park after lunch where they could jump on trampolines, do a ropes course, or go tubbing. We can’t let the kids have alllllll the fun so we choose a place that has an adults ropes course too. Last year during the ropes course, I had a tiny meltdown because I could not tarzan swing from 300 feet in the air to the next platform. I hate heights, I don’t like doing super naturey things, yet I never fail to say YES to an extremely difficult ropes course at camp. This year was no different. I won’t go into too much detail but I completed the course (!!!) with only one Romanian ropes course staff member having to drag me across swinging logs kicking and screaming. But, I completed the course. I COMPLETED THE COURSE. I truly hated every minute of it besides the long zip line at the end but I will probably do it again next week.


I think it goes without saying the kids had an amazing time. It was supposed to rain ALL afternoon but it was a gorgeous afternoon on top of the mountain. Here are some pictures:

Rika and Emmanuel have decided to VLOG together instead of write about their experiences here. Anyone who knows me knows I love a good vlog (Head over to the “videos” section to watch mine- shameless plug) So here they are sharing about their time in Romania so far….



Tomorrow we head out to explore Bucharest and enjoy this brutally hot weather we are experiencing. Its crazy to me that the team is already preparing to leave. It is bittersweet. It has been such a great week and I can’t wait for the next team and camp, but this team has been so amazing and it will be sad to see them go! Stay tuned for a couple final blogs written by the leaders of the team tomorrow. And as always, thank you for supporting and praying for the team, the local people here, the kids, and me!

Looooove from Romania



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