Final Camp Day- Saying Goodbye! (College Team Week 1)


We all dreaded Friday, the final day of camp, and saying goodbye to all the kids. I wasn’t even looking forward to it and I knew I was going to see them in August. But at the same time, we were all totally mentally and physically exhausted so we knew we needed to end the camp on a high and say those painful goodbyes.

The journey for me was quick and easy and then I met the children as they got dropped off at a park. I took 7 girls back to their “homes” on the other side of Bucharest in India. When we pulled up they all chanted “We don’t want to live in India we want to go back to camp.” Im usually very jaded when it comes to these times. I understand the circumstances these kids live in, but after such a great week with these girls, my heart broke to leave them without bathrooms, sharing a room with 10 others, abuse, drinking and drugs. Reality hit me hard and it was horrible. We are actually going to go visit them this week and give them camp pictures from the week. I already can’t wait to see them!


Here is one of the final bloggers of this week,  Krista:

Hey guys, it’s Krista! I am super blessed to have been able to serve with Hope Rescue Center for the second time this past week. As great as my time serving has been, yesterday was a really difficult day for all of our team because it was the day we had to take all of the kids back home. We started off our day with breakfast and then we had a short program with games, music, dancing and a testimony given by Jessie. As sad as we all were knowing that we would have to say goodbye, we decided that rather than getting emotional it was best for us to make the most out of these final hours with these kids. We made sure to treasure every moment with them and make sure to take in all of their smiles and laughs and really be there with them in that moment. After program ended we immediately got on the bus. You could tell how sad the kids were that the week was coming to an end and they kept telling us how much they loved us and how they would miss us after we left. When it was time to say goodbye we all broke down in tears. These kids were some of the most talented, selfless, kind hearted children I have ever met and they impacted me so much. They will always have a piece of my heart. I am still processing everything that happened this past week, and as much as I am missing them right now, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Thanks for reading!



Sorry for the lack of pictures…I think the team was too busy bonding and spending their last few hours with the kids to take too any! I will have more, way more in the final post tomorrow.

Saturday we are exploring Bucharest in 95 degree heat, with a great final meal together and a debrief meeting. AKA time to cry together.

Be in touch with the final bloggers and camp 1 post as soon as possible! Thanks for reading all week and caring about us over here in Romania! We appreciate your prayers and love for us!

Blessings from Bucha



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