RHCC College Team has Departed- Final Vlog and Blog from the Leaders!

Good morning from Bucharest! We had an amazing day exploring the city yesterday after a debrief meeting. Lots of tears were shed and lots of emotions were shared, but it was good. It is so great to see how much the team has changed in ONE WEEK. Not only do they love each other more, they love these children harder. Nothing makes me happier. Here are a couple “touristy” pictures from yesterday. My phone is currently half way broken so I apologize for the quality.


This week would have been completely different if the team would not have had such great leaders. I thought it was fitting that they wrap up the trip with their perspective on how the week went.

Here is the female leader Paige’s blog:

Hi, my name is Paige. This week I had the pleasure of co-leading this amazing group with Mojo. A couple of months ago I had no idea what this summer would hold, there were so many things that were unknown. Mojo is one of my really good friends and he was helping me talk through a couple of decisions I had to make. One day he half jokingly asked me if I would be interested in co-leading the trip to Romania he was planning with the college group. This question caught me off guard knowing that the trip was full and already being planned. We talked a bit more and he told me that if I was at all interested in going to attend the first group meeting which was taking place that very night. When Mojo asked me, something inside me told me that I should go on the trip. I attended the meeting and told Mojo soon after that I would love to help him lead the trip. I don’t have a whole lot of experience leading in this way, especially leading people who are basically my peers.  In preparing for the trip I began to grow more and more excited. I knew a lot of planning goes into a trip like this, what I hadn’t realized was just how much, and how much Mojo had already planned from stepping of the plane last year and the day I jumped in as his co-leader. We worked through the rest of the minor details, worked to gather supplies, and worked to try and plan for the unpredictable. All the time and preparation the whole team put in before the trip truly paid off. The camp went by almost seamlessly as we tried to plan for every possibility, problem solving as we went. The camp went by almost seamlessly as we tried to plan for every possibility, problem solving as we went. I am so proud of the whole team and what was accomplished during our time here. I could see each and every camper was moved by his or her experience at camp. Our team changed, grew closer together, and loved these kids more than I ever thought possible. It’s hard to think that in four short days we could love these kids so much and see love in return from children we could barely communicate with and hardly know. There is no doubt the relationships that were built will last forever in our hearts. My prayer for these kids is for them to understand the gift of the gospel (many of them heard it for the first time this week). And to understand how much God loves them even when they don’t get to see love from humans every day. I pray that I will see these kids again one day. If not on Earth then in Heaven in the presence of God where we can rejoice in His name together once again.


And the (returning) male leader Mojo’s vlog:

I just dropped the team off at the airport and they are on their way to London, then straight home to Los Angeles. No words can describe how fun, enthusiastic and incredible this team was. We had such an amazing week and I can say confidently, that each team member is going home with a bigger heart.

Thank you, for the final time, for everyone who has contributed to this week. It takes a village to make the logistics work but I know so so so many had a huge hand in making it possible financially and spiritually.




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