RHCC High School Team has ARRIVED!/Backpack giveaway/Camp Week 2 Day 1!

Hi everyone!!!

Sorry it’s been so long since the last update. To say I have been busy is quite the understatement. The few days between the college team leaving and the high school team arriving were jam packed with preparation for team and camp number 2, and preparing for my trip to America. I also took a few of these wonderful ladies to dinner as a huge THANK YOU.  Without their support and networking and connections, most of the camp kits wouldn’t have been donated. IMG_6886

Fast forward to Thursday when the team arrived in almost 95 degree heat at midnight. Here they are after almost 24 hours of travel! So many familiar faces from last year!


The team went home and went straight to bed and we met up in the morning for a full day of activities. Here is the first guest blogger for the week, Ashley, explaining a little more about our Friday!

Hi everybody! I’m Ashley Lucas! I just graduated from Palos Verdes High School and I’m 17 years old. This is my second year on the Romania team and I loved last years camp so much I had to come back! We started our long journey Wednesday night at LAX and finally met up with Camilla early Friday morning! After taking a (not so) quick nap, we had a traditional, home cooked Romania lunch then discussed our plans for the upcoming week. We planed out the games/crafts we will do with the kids and practiced our skits and testimonies. Then after dinner, we delivered backpacks filled with new clothes, shoes, and hats to each of the kids we will be taking to camp! We went to three different communities and passed out the new supplies just in time for them to wear their new clothes on the bus tomorrow morning. Seeing where these kids live was hard but made all of us so excited to spend the week sharing God’s love with these wonderfully made kids! I can not wait for this next week and I pray that we are able to make a difference in each of these kids lives!






Hi Mom and everyone else reading this. I’m Reed and this is my second time coming to Romania. I’ve been so excited to come and I am incredibly happy to be here.

Today was our first day at camp and we started early. We had to be ready at 7:45 but don’t worry, and Grant woke us up at 6:15. I was ready by 6:25. But I’m not bitter that I could have had an extra hour of sleep. I’m not. I’m really not.

We got to camp in the afternoon and ate lunch, then had afternoon program. We played some games with the kids for a while and they all made t-shirts. I took a short nap that happened to run into the start of dinner. And the middle of dinner. I made an appearance at the end, though, and that’s what counts.

We just had night program and Abby shared her testimony and we sang great songs with the kids. We met with our groups and got to know each other. I’m genuinely happy to be here and I hope I provided a glimpse into what we’re doing.

Thanks. Love you.


So much fun packed into one day- I am about to pass out but thought I would update you on how amazing this week is going already!

thanks for thinking and praying for us! check back tomorrow for pictures and an update!


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