Showing Them The Ropes (Camp! Week 2 Day 2!)

Complete guest blog by team leader, Matt, because I am exhausted and he is a great writer who wrote for me even though I was too tired to blog, THANKS MATT!! Happy Sunday everyone- goodnight from stormy Predeal, Romania! looooove, camilla!


Today we spent our first full day with the kids at camp, and it could not have been crazier, more unpredictable, or fun. Our team had a skit on Noah planned as today’s major theme, in which we acted out Noah’s journey building the ark and staying faithful to God despite questioning and ridicule from others. We wanted to convey that theme of listening and trusting God, even when life becomes crazy and you find yourself building a gigantic ark. The kids enjoyed the skit, especially the parts when we squirted water on them when it was “raining”. Next, our craft for the day involved decorating prayer journals that we gave to the kids, the hope being these kids can potentially use these to write their prayers/hopes/struggles/dreams out on paper. After the Noah skit and craft, we began stations, breaking the kids up into four separate groups. They cycled through stations teaching ballet, english, worship songs, and playing games/sports (All of these kids are very very good soccer players. We are finding out the hard way).

After the stations and lunch, the highlight of the day came: ropes course. We packed the kids up into the bus and headed down the road a few miles to a facility that featured a ton of fun activities. From a tube run to a ropes course and trampolines in between, the kids spent hours playing and having fun on the mini field trip. Our team had an especially fun time going down the tube run with the kids.

Our schedule after ropes course became a little more hectic and the original plan went out the window with a special thanks to abnormally high traffic to and from the course. We had originally planned free time after we got back, but the traffic shortened our timing on everything, putting us in a frantic situation for the rest of the evening. The team persevered, despite crying kids who wanted to run around and act crazy rather than sit still for a night program. Ashley gave her testimony amidst the flurry of activity, and that spurred on what seemed like a rich and lively discussion with the kids for the Romanian leaders. I personally was glad to see that, because ultimately it’s those leaders who follow up with the kids and build that relationship after we travel home.

Overall, today was a success, but not without its bumps and bruises along the way. Everyone, including myself and the Romanian team, is exhausted, while the kids just seem to increase in energy and stamina. My prayer request, for both myself and the team, is that God provides energy and perseverance that matches these kids. Wherever which way their minds go, let us be there with them, forging relationships and leaving lasting impressions that have them asking questions about God and His love. I pray that we continue to show these kids the ropes (pun absolutely intended), and that God will work through us continually. I am so unbelievably proud of everyone, and it has been wonderful to see their passion for these kids grow at every turn, no matter what they throw at us.



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