Camp Week 2/ Day 3! Rain ALLLLL day!

Hi everyone!

My name is Shannon and I am so excited to be in Romania for the first time! I have been anticipating the trip for months, so it’s awesome to be here.

It was another action packed day at camp! This was the third day at camp, and the kids are loving it. We started the day out by playing the sheet game. In this game, two kids are standing on opposite sides of the sheet. When the sheet is dropped, the kids guess the name of the other person behind the sheet. After the game, we lots of songs and got ready for the bible story skit.

Our skit today was Jonah. Through the skit, we described Jonah’s journey of disobeying God’s command to go to Nineveh. Jonah, played by Reed, was thrown off the boat during a storm and swallowed by a whale (Grant). After being spit up by the whale, Jonah went to Nineveh and the Ninevites eventually repented. Through this skit we showed the importance of listening to God and that God loves and forgives us.

After, the kids got to make polaroid frames made out of popsicle sticks and a picture of them. The decorated them with markets, pom pom balls, and feathers. Before lunch, we did another round of workshops consisting of dance, English, music, and games.

There was originally a water fight planned for today, but it rained most of the day so we had to reschedule activities in order to stay inside. In place of the water fight, we all watched the movie Moana. The kids enjoyed the movie while the leaders enjoyed napping on the floor next to them.

For night program performed a silly cow tipping skit which made all the kids laugh! After the skit we did more music and then Reagan shared his testimony. We met with our small groups. We talked about the day and what they learned through the Jonah skit and Reagan’s testimony.

It’s crazy to think this was already our third day of camp, it is going by so quickly! I have loved every minute of singing, playing games, being silly, and hugging the kids! Thank you for your prays and keeping up with camp!




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