Summer 2017 Review/Update

I cannot believe it is the end of August.  It honestly feels like just yesterday I was at camp and the teams from Rolling Hills were here with me! SO much has taken place since the camps.  For the very few of you that don’t know, I was back in America for the month of July. I flew back to Los Angeles with the high school team…..

via London and spent three weeks fundraising, meeting with donors, debriefing camps, and enjoying some time with friends and family. In the three weeks that I was in America, I spent 4 days in San Francisco, 3 days in San Diego, 3 days in Camarillo, 3 days in Palm Springs, and the in between days in the South Bay.

Too many great mini trips, catch ups with childhood friends, dinners with friends and family and everything else in between. Here is just a small glimpse of some of the fun I had in July including my best friends wedding, San Francisco and hanging out with friends from Romania, and some of my friends’ children who were born while I was away!

To say this summer has flown by is an understatement. It was a great trip to America but after 3.5 weeks I was definitely ready to head back to Romania.

When I did get back to Romania the heat was hotter than before- about 110, my car was locked in my friends garage with no key, and my water and power was out for a full three days. To say my three days in Romania before I headed to the UK for another wedding was testing, is also an understatement. Normally I would have been frustrated with those circumstances but also slightly rational because things in Romania just don’t work like they do in the western world, and customer service, or landlords here, don’t jump up to help you. (Even when you have no water, no fridge, no air conditioning, no wifi, no tv, no lights etc etc etc) But because I had just spent the month in America where they literally treat you like the Queen if you have a problem with anything, it was a lot harder to adjust. Like, a lot harder. I found myself, for the first time, wondering why I lived in this country. It was dramatic, but I was also jetlagged, overheated, and exhausted so…. bad combination.

Thats one of the main reasons I don’t like going back to America for long. Or often. Its like taking two steps forward here and then one step back when I adjust to western culture. The driving here is frustrating me now, the heat, the lack of customer service, the ridiculous paperwork, the little things that normally totally wouldn’t! I know some people who go home every year for 2/3 MONTHS to fundraise and I could never do that. Its far too hard to adjust coming back.

BUT, I am thrilled to be home now- even with this heat, finally processing what went on this summer! I am so thankful, as always, for such great support when I was back in LA. It was a great trip but I am more than happy to be back here, back into my routine, and back with Weasley… and power!

I know I have been quiet on here for a bit but for now I am taking a social media break. That includes this blog. I just need a MINUTE! Get back into life here. I will be sending out a newsletter via snail mail sooner than later with work updates so be on the lookout for that. Until then, I have a lot of stuff to work on…. possibility I have a mini team coming out in December, different camps next year, starting after school programs etc. Its all happening quickly and to not have social media as a distraction will be nice!

Til next time,

Blessings from Bucharest

Camilla and Weasley (“escaping” the heat by sleeping in the sink)


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