Market of Hope + Vanessa’s Trip

How is it November already? I have no idea but it is and Christmas is approaching quickly so before I have frequent updates about my Christmas fundraiser I thought I would write about a few exciting things happening this month!

For those of you that don’t know, I have an advocate at my church who I can turn to for fundraiser help, prayer, and support when I am visiting America. My advocate is Carolin, the BEST advocate even though I don’t know the others. Rolling Hills Covenant Church does a Market of Hope every year to sell things for countries in need or ministries in need. I remember going to the Market of Hope when I was a child and loving it! I would get to buy a goat for a family in Africa, or medicine for a child in Columbia and everything in between.  This year Carolin set up a Romania booth to sell things for some of the families I work with here.

Although it was kind of last minute, the booth looked great with pictures of the children, the flag and lots of information! Carolin was even interviewed on RHCC’s Facebook live to give more information and was so knowledgable about the Roma community and Romania in general- I was so proud!! I have always struggled with feeling like very few people in our VERY large church don’t know enough about what I am doing in Romania, or even that I am IN Romania, so its great to know that dozens more people are being informed about this country and what we are doing here!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to talk about Romania, the ministry, me and how they could help but especially to Carolin who put so much into this booth and learning about Romania and this ministry!

Market of Hope is still open for 2 more weekends so please stop by and donate!


With all that is going on with preparing for Christmas and dare I say, summer camps 2018, I am still finding time to start preparing for Vanessa’s visit. Vanessa is coming to stay with me for two weeks before Christmas to help serve, wrap, shop, and deliver gifts to over 400 children. I always feel so overwhelmed in December because there is so much going on and I am so excited for her to come lighten the load! Heres a brief message from Vanessa!

Hey friends, family, and supporters of Camilla! I was briefly introduced in the last blog post but my name is Vanessa and I am from Camilla’s hometown of Torrance, CA! This December I will be traveling over to Romania to spend two weeks with Camilla and join her in the ministry she does. This will be my third time in Romania, but will look very different than the past trips I have taken out to Romania. In the past I went with Rolling Hills Covenant church high school group as a student and then this June with the college group. This December I will be making the journey alone. It is very nerve wracking for me but I know it is what God is calling me to do. I am very excited to take this huge leap out of my comfort zone and even more excited for how God is going to work and grow me in these times. While in country I will be helping Camilla with all the ministries she works with during the chaos of the holidays and hosting a team! I am very eager to learn more about what Camilla does from a different perspective than usual and learn more about the people of Romania. Fundraising wise I am in need to raise about $1800. Currently I have $1300, so I am getting there! I will be heading out to Romania on December 8th and coming back to the US on the 22nd, so please keep me in your prayers! Excited to update you guys with more as this journey continues!

Vanessa is very close to meeting her fundraising goal! Please consider donating to help bring her to Romania! Here is the GoFundMe link:


The next week is going to be crazyyyyyyy busssssy for me, but in a good way! Its time to launch my Christmas sponsorship fundraiser. Getting over 120 children Christmas gifts from all over Romania, America and England is a tough task but so so so worth it! Excited to spread the news and give YOU the opportunity to bless a child this Christmas.

Information. Coming. Soon!

Blessings from (freezing) Bucharest!


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