Christmas Fundraiser!!!

It’s that time of year again!! So excited to be a part of making over 400 children in Romania have joy this Christmas season. Of course, this isn’t possible without YOUR help so please consider sponsoring a child so they have a gift to open on Christmas! This is the ONLY gift these children will receive, as they are all living in extreme poverty. Here are some of the areas these children are living in.



We have met with all of the children individually and helped them write a wish list for Santa. Now we need YOUR help to either financially cover the cost of their gifts or if you’re local to Bucharest, shop and wrap their gifts for them.  These children are asking for basic stuff like winter clothes and shoes to deal with the harsh cold season ahead, but they are also asking for gifts like we asked for growing up, remote control cars, dolls, and coloring books.  Here is one of the letters to Santa from a 3 year old girl asking for a doll, clothes and a toy car.


If you are local to Bucharest, below is an example of what your sponsorship email will look like.  You will also be sent a more in depth information sheet about the sponsorship!


If you would like to donate from abroad, please follow this GoFundMe Link and consider donating $25/20GBP to cover the costs of the gifts, wrapping supplies and delivery fees.

Please email me directly ( if you are local to Bucharest and interested in shopping for the gifts or if you are a talented and speedy wrapper! There is so much to do before we start delivering the gifts that any help is welcome!


Thank you in advance,




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