The Craciun Family!

Just a quick little update with what I have been up to the last couple of weeks.  The Craciun family is one in a million. I am not sure what I have shared about them in the past but this is a family with seven children, no father, and absolutely nothing.  Here are the conditions they live in.

These photos are from October when my cousin and her husband and children came out to donate clothes to them. The weather now is harsh! Last week was -16 and snowing every day. Thankfully it has started to warm up and spring has sort of arrived.  Thankfully some of the Market of Hope money was used to buy them fire wood so they could heat their one room “home” Like I said in my last post, with the MOH money I am also able to buy them food so they have lunch to take to school and start their day with a good breakfast. Here is what my cart looks like every week or two!



Along with providing them food for the week. I also cook lunch for them when we meet a few times a week. All of this money so far has been donated from Market of Hope so thank you to all of you who were involved.

Because last week was a snow week, we were able to meet everyday. They are stuck in a one “room” place with seven family members so its good for them to get out and meet at our office daily.  We played lots of new games last week (all in English of course) like Bingo, and Go Fish. And on Thursdays, all of the kids take showers. They usually share the same old towel (all 5 of them!) so I posted on Facebook to see if anyone would consider donating money to buy them each one-  the next day I was able to buy them each a new towel for Thursdays! Here is what we were up to last week!


This week we celebrated “Women’s Day” and each of them made their mother a card and surprised me with flowers and these:


They are all soooo well behaved, polite and smart.  They attend school every day, and their mother makes sure they look clean and well dressed.  Their mother is desperate for them to have a better life than she has and is ding everything in her power to make it happen. They are always on time, in a good mood, and excited to learn.  Its such a privilege to help a family like this.  Like I said, they are truly one in a million!

Here we all are: Alberto 15 (next to me), and from left to right, Gabi 11, Andreea 8, Eva 6 and Alexandra 10!  And at home with their mother is Sorina 4 and Nicolas 1!


Please remember to keep this family in your prayers. If you want to donate money for food for them, educational supplies, clothing or any other essential needs they have, please email me directly.


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