Easter in Romania!

Easter in Romania is celebrated on the Orthodox Easter date which was yesterday! I hope everyone who celebrated both yesterday AND the week before had an amazing day! Thankfully, in Bucharest, the weather has turned and it has been in the 70’s all week! I was able to spend the day on my friend’s balcony playing dominoes and eating steak in the sun! Perfect Easter Sunday! In the Orthodox churches here, you go to church at midnight the night before Easter and light a candle with hundreds of other people! It is very culturally different from anything we do in the western world and I love it! It is one of my favorite traditions in this country!

This week we were able to bless over 60 families with food packages for Easter. It is always great to see their smiling faces when we bless them with the basics like eggs, oil, rice, peas, pasta etc etc. Here are a few pictures from the week:


Unfortunately, I am kind of jaded with the conditions these families live in. Nothing really shakes me like it did years ago. Its unfortunate but its also become my normal after almost 6 years here.

We were delivering our final packages to “Hasdeu” Hasdeu is an abandoned building near the famous People’s Palace with dozens of families and many many children.  Its where Gwynn Lewis gave his testimony, its where I first delivered Christmas gifts over 5 years ago. We have visited there for over 3 years for Christmas, to take some of the children to camp, and even to hold church there.  When we went to visit the entire vibe had changed.  There were NO children. All of the children had been taken to orphanages or foster homes because this place had become a complete drug dungeon. Mothers and fathers that we had visited for years had become so sickly and addicted, they were almost unrecognizable. It was hard to see.  But even harder to know that its unlikely I will ever see these children again.


Praying that their life now is better, happier and healthier.

Blessings from Bucharest,