Camp Day 2/ Guest Blogger David!

“Buna!” Which is hello in Romanian I’m David and today I’m writing the blog! Today is my third day in Romania and second day at the camp. Today all of the leaders met downstairs in the diner to do a quick devotion and give everyone there a chance to speak openly about something that was on their heart. After the devotion today all of the kids were up filled with energy from a good nights rest and were craving  breakfast. We all had a very good breakfast and then headed up to the conference room to have the morning program. That morning Katie was the MC, basically telling the kids what was going to happen during the program. We played a few games and then started singing worship songs, which are in Romanian so it can make it a little more different for our team who doesn’t understand Romanian. But it was easy to get the general idea of the worship songs. After that our team did some fun skits where we made our theme sports based. Then we brought all of the kids together to have a craft time. The kids all made some kind of paper plate animal. They were all very happy to have made their own animal. Next thing in the day we had stations where our team split up and then ran our own station. We had English, Music, Dance, and Sports. Every group of kids went to each one for twenty minutes. After stations we quickly ate lunch to go on a field trip to Bran Castle aka Dracula’s Castle there we got to explore the castle and all the shops around it. The kids were very intrigued by the castle, it was very large and was beautiful but also a little spooky. Once we returned from the castle we had free time and dinner. The last thing we had to do for the day was the night program. We had Reagan MC and lead the kids through a game. We then did a skit on the bible story “Jesus Feeding the Five Thousand”. Julian followed this by giving a message on this story and Amy gave her testimony. We were all very happy that the children got to learn about how God will provide for them no matter what and that he always loves them. I thought that today overall was very good for me and the team as we all bonded with the kids and got to know them better, I am looking forward to tomorrow and the days to come!



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