Camp Day 3! Guest Blogger: Audrey!

Today is day 3 of camp and I cannot believe it, the past few days have flown by so fast, that is because they have been filled with such joy. From games and worship in the Sala to Dracula’s castle, overall just being with the kids and bonding with them have been an amazing experience. Leaving from LAX and getting ready for the flight to Romania I became so nervous and felt like I was not going to be capable to go all this way from home and serve these kids. I had no idea what to expect. Hundreds of doubts and fears flew through my mind. When this began to happen I prayed. I prayed for strength and confidence. After I prayed I was still nervous but a calmness came upon me. After the long flight, we finally made it to Romania. The first day in Bucharest we went to the places where the kids lived to give them backpacks with clothes and shoes and toothbrushes for camp. Going to the places where they lived I felt so much compassion for them, their living circumstances were a little glimpse into the hard lives in which they live. As we handed out the backpacks they were so joyful! I have never felt so much compassion for kids that I just met. After this I became so excited for what God had in store for me and these kids at camp! Coming into this trip I did not expect to develop such a deep love for these kids. There are no words to express my compassion, love, and respect for them. Their hearts are OH so big and all they want is for somebody to love them. I am so grateful for what God is doing in my life as I serve these kids, as well as what God is doing in the lives of the kids that I am serving. Although camp is tiring and draining and I feel at times that I am not capable to handle the rest of the week, I know that I can turn to God and I can get my strength from him. Overall I cannot wait for the week and what God has in store for everyone during the rest of camp!

One thought on “Camp Day 3! Guest Blogger: Audrey!

  1. Audrey…this was so special for me to read. i am so glad you are finding so much hope and joy in this experience and what a blessing it is showing to be for you, the team and the kids. We miss you and are so happy to read these special heartfelt words from you today šŸ™šŸ’™šŸ’™šŸ˜˜

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