Day 5 of Camp, Guest Blogger: Reagan

Being the only returning student on the Romania team I thought this week would be a breeze, I knew what to expect with the schedule, the meals, and the kids. But of course as things sometimes go what you expect is not reality. One thing I expected was a different set of kids than last year, we were told that we would be watching over older children and that they would be easy to handle. I was super excited to try and have deep theological discussions with the kids here but then it turned out we had younger kids and many of them were the same from the year before. This meant less discussions and more struggle to get them to settle down and go to bed. But looking back now at the week I’m glad we got the kids we did.

One kid named Gabi who I knew from last year was an angel and the biggest help to me. He taught me a lot of Romanian phrases and would help us to settle the other kids down. Another kid named Dani who I also knew from last year gave me some rewarding experiences, he enjoys the little things like piggy back rides and just hanging out. Another fun thing was hanging out with all the translators who were here last year and meeting the new ones. Over all I had a great time and would not change a thing. And though I’m kinda sad to leave the camp tomorrow Im also excited to go to the city again and see the sights. I can’t wait for next year to come back and do it all again.

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