[Delayed] Day 4 of Camp! Guest Blogger: Jared

Once again, greetings from Romania. Today, once again, started with a quick staff meeting down in the dining hall followed by breakfast. We then went up to the SALA to do morning program. Amy MC’d  and the kids got to make a picture frame, as well as take  a polaroid to put in the frame. Only a few kids could make the frame at a time, so most of us entertained them with a special kind of paper, which has colors under a thin black film, which can then be scratched off with a toothpick to reveal the underlying colors. After that, all the kids once again did their rotations. we had sports, song/dance, and english. since we had more time and had combined 2 stations (song and Dance), each rotation was now half an hour. After that we went and had lunch, and then headed off to Superland, a half indoor amusement park, half shopping mall that had all sorts of interesting things to look at. Coming home we were running a little behind schedule, so we let the kids shower and then went right into dinner. Following dinner we went up to the SALA and had program, the message today was the woman caught in adultery, and we went right into it with a skit, followed by a message and a testimony. Julian MC’d, I gave the message, and David gave his testimony. Then the romanians led the kids in a couple more songs of worship and it was off to bed. I’m glad the kids learned that God loves them, regardless of whether or not they have sinned, and that everyone has sinned, no one is perfect. I hope our last day tomorrow is packed with more excitement, and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for us and the kids.

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