Autumn Update!

Hope everyone is back into the swing of things after summer. I have to admit, I am feeling much better, with the weather finally cooling down after weeks of 100 degrees! I am back into my routine and looking forward to the very exciting next few months!

September was a great month which included my birthday, my SEVENTH birthday celebrating oversees! In Romania, it is tradition to pay for all your guests on the day of your birthday and I have avoided having a party for this exact reason! But this year I did and I was more than happy to pay for the day for friends who are super supportive and make life here great! Here is the group picture from that night! Some friends that I have known since my first short term time coming out in the summer of 2011, and some new friends that will relocated within the next year or two (trying not to think about it!)



After Bucharest I was able to go to London to see my dad and aunt for a weekend. I dont know why I am posting this picture because I look like I just rolled out of bed (I probably did) but I know that pictures make reading blogs 1000x more exciting…. sooooo…. here we are.


It is crazy to think we are already a week into October. I have to start planning dates of the camps already, planning international Christmas fundraisers, and preparing for a short term volunteer. Which brings me to THIS news- for years people have shown interest in coming to help around Christmas time. I am always swamped with gift wrapping, gift delivering, Christmas parties etc etc etc and always need extra hands. This year I finally have someone coming out to help me- Vanessa! She has come out to Romania twice on the RHCC teams to help with camp and this is going to be an entirely different experience, and much colder. Anyways, I am going to have Vanessa blog soon about the details so I wont go into too much depth but I am so excited for the extra help and cannot wait for her arrival in early December!

Speaking of Christmas/December etc etc etc I am not the only one starting to prepare for it. I have to say a huge thank you to the church my mum attends and a church that is and always has been VERY supportive of my work over here for preparing some gifts for the children for Christmas. They spent all day Saturday cutting and sewing and making these for the children out here. I can wait to receive them and hand them out!

Next week my cousin, her husband and their two children and coming out to visit me from England! I am so excited to show them Romania.  They have paid for almost 100kg of luggage to be brought over and are coming with tons of clothing and shoe donations from the schools they work at. Not only do I get to show them the beautiful mountains of Romania, but they want to see some of the homeless communities to deliver the clothes. They also want their children to see how harsh some of the conditions are here, but mostly to be thankful and grateful for the lives they live. The girls already know how to say “hello” and “goodbye” in Romanian (not without laughing though) so I know it’ll be a great trip!

Stay tuned for Vanessa’s blog post about her story, her love for Romania, and her upcoming two week mission trip in December!

Thanks for reading!

Blessings from Bucha!




Summer 2017 Review/Update

I cannot believe it is the end of August.  It honestly feels like just yesterday I was at camp and the teams from Rolling Hills were here with me! SO much has taken place since the camps.  For the very few of you that don’t know, I was back in America for the month of July. I flew back to Los Angeles with the high school team…..

via London and spent three weeks fundraising, meeting with donors, debriefing camps, and enjoying some time with friends and family. In the three weeks that I was in America, I spent 4 days in San Francisco, 3 days in San Diego, 3 days in Camarillo, 3 days in Palm Springs, and the in between days in the South Bay.

Too many great mini trips, catch ups with childhood friends, dinners with friends and family and everything else in between. Here is just a small glimpse of some of the fun I had in July including my best friends wedding, San Francisco and hanging out with friends from Romania, and some of my friends’ children who were born while I was away!

To say this summer has flown by is an understatement. It was a great trip to America but after 3.5 weeks I was definitely ready to head back to Romania.

When I did get back to Romania the heat was hotter than before- about 110, my car was locked in my friends garage with no key, and my water and power was out for a full three days. To say my three days in Romania before I headed to the UK for another wedding was testing, is also an understatement. Normally I would have been frustrated with those circumstances but also slightly rational because things in Romania just don’t work like they do in the western world, and customer service, or landlords here, don’t jump up to help you. (Even when you have no water, no fridge, no air conditioning, no wifi, no tv, no lights etc etc etc) But because I had just spent the month in America where they literally treat you like the Queen if you have a problem with anything, it was a lot harder to adjust. Like, a lot harder. I found myself, for the first time, wondering why I lived in this country. It was dramatic, but I was also jetlagged, overheated, and exhausted so…. bad combination.

Thats one of the main reasons I don’t like going back to America for long. Or often. Its like taking two steps forward here and then one step back when I adjust to western culture. The driving here is frustrating me now, the heat, the lack of customer service, the ridiculous paperwork, the little things that normally totally wouldn’t! I know some people who go home every year for 2/3 MONTHS to fundraise and I could never do that. Its far too hard to adjust coming back.

BUT, I am thrilled to be home now- even with this heat, finally processing what went on this summer! I am so thankful, as always, for such great support when I was back in LA. It was a great trip but I am more than happy to be back here, back into my routine, and back with Weasley… and power!

I know I have been quiet on here for a bit but for now I am taking a social media break. That includes this blog. I just need a MINUTE! Get back into life here. I will be sending out a newsletter via snail mail sooner than later with work updates so be on the lookout for that. Until then, I have a lot of stuff to work on…. possibility I have a mini team coming out in December, different camps next year, starting after school programs etc. Its all happening quickly and to not have social media as a distraction will be nice!

Til next time,

Blessings from Bucharest

Camilla and Weasley (“escaping” the heat by sleeping in the sink)


Camp Week 2/ Day 3! Rain ALLLLL day!

Hi everyone!

My name is Shannon and I am so excited to be in Romania for the first time! I have been anticipating the trip for months, so it’s awesome to be here.

It was another action packed day at camp! This was the third day at camp, and the kids are loving it. We started the day out by playing the sheet game. In this game, two kids are standing on opposite sides of the sheet. When the sheet is dropped, the kids guess the name of the other person behind the sheet. After the game, we lots of songs and got ready for the bible story skit.

Our skit today was Jonah. Through the skit, we described Jonah’s journey of disobeying God’s command to go to Nineveh. Jonah, played by Reed, was thrown off the boat during a storm and swallowed by a whale (Grant). After being spit up by the whale, Jonah went to Nineveh and the Ninevites eventually repented. Through this skit we showed the importance of listening to God and that God loves and forgives us.

After, the kids got to make polaroid frames made out of popsicle sticks and a picture of them. The decorated them with markets, pom pom balls, and feathers. Before lunch, we did another round of workshops consisting of dance, English, music, and games.

There was originally a water fight planned for today, but it rained most of the day so we had to reschedule activities in order to stay inside. In place of the water fight, we all watched the movie Moana. The kids enjoyed the movie while the leaders enjoyed napping on the floor next to them.

For night program performed a silly cow tipping skit which made all the kids laugh! After the skit we did more music and then Reagan shared his testimony. We met with our small groups. We talked about the day and what they learned through the Jonah skit and Reagan’s testimony.

It’s crazy to think this was already our third day of camp, it is going by so quickly! I have loved every minute of singing, playing games, being silly, and hugging the kids! Thank you for your prays and keeping up with camp!