Camp 1 and Camp 2 Recap!

What a crazy summer it has been! Camp 1 and 2 are officially finished and both the RHCC high school team and the RHCC college team are back safely in the South Bay after organizing and running two amazing camps!

The high school sleep away camp with 35 homeless children from Bucharest was a tough one.  Every. Single. Day. it rained. All of the outdoor activities, sports, and water games they had planned were all gone to waste as we had to stay inside for the entire week! Thankfully they had crafts and indoor games, but of course, because these children with tons of energy were inside for almost six days straight, there were a few injuries! Black eyes, a broken leg, and a vomiting bug all went around but we still had a great week!


Thankfully one of the days cleared up in the afternoon so we were able to take them to Dracula’s Castle.  Here are some of the kids that enjoyed this castle tour!


Here is one of my favorite pictures! Here is Cristina, before and after showers, a warm bed to sleep in and three hot meals a day! Her SMILE!!!


And of course, when camp was finished, we showed the high school team around Bucharest for a day.  Some went on a Hop on Hope Off bus tour, and others stayed in the city center with me. We all used the metro, walked around, bought souvenirs and of course, saw the 2nd biggest building in the world!  Such a great week with such a loving team- thank you high school team for all of your hard work to fundraise for this short term mission trip.  I have said it before and I will continue to say it, we cannot do this without you! MULTUMESC!



Camp 2 was a little, okay, a lot different this year! We decided to run two day camps, one in the morning and one in the afternoon to reach more children.  The “morning” session was held in “India” which we haven’t worked in for years but never done something like this!  We didn’t know how it would go, or how many kids would show up each day, or how the families would react but it was great!

The first day was a little hectic but we debriefed at night to adjust to the conditions and the space and the 100 degree heat and the rest of the week went really smoothly.  The kids loved to sing, dance, learn English and play games all week with the college team.  THANKFULLY, it didn’t rain once.  UNFORTUNATELY, it was over 100 degrees every single day.


Everyday we would stop for a quick lunch and then head to a village about 20 minutes outside of Bucharest. We would run the same program as the morning but we had some indoor space WITH air conditioning so it was a bit more bearable!

The college team did an amazing job jumping in and loving the kids from both India and the village.  Many of the team had been here before but this was a new group of kids. They still loved them like they had known them for years!

Because we were in Bucharest the entire week, after camp was over we took them to explore the countryside on their last day in Romania. Unfortunately, I was sick, like, realllllllly sick. I still had to drive and slept at every stop so I don’t have great pictures but I have a few to prove I was there!  Thank you so much to the college team for fundraising and running such an amazing week of VBS camp!


And today, CAMP NUMBER 3 STARTS! Surprise! We are doing a third camp this summer! Unlike any camp we have ever done before!  Before I explain what we are doing I have to thank my family in England, for donating the money for this third camp! Royal Russel School in Croydon, England was solely responsible for the transportation AND accommodation of dozens of kids to come down from the north of Romania into Bucharest for our first ever- URBAN CAMP! SO thank you to Royal Russel School- without your donation, this would not have happened!

Hope Rescue Centre has worked “closely” with a village from the north of Romania for years. From getting them backpacks filled with school supplies, to school necessities like a chalkboard, to Christmas presents.  This year we have the means to bring these kids down to Bucharest to experience city life!

We have soooo many things planned that are going to blow their minds!  McDonalds party, 3D movie, museum visits, castle visits, airport control tower tour etc etc etc! We are so excited sing and play and share the good news with them, but also show them their capital city!

Please pray for a safe week for us all. Including good weather, no hospital runs, and of course, A GREAT TIME!  Cannot wait to update next week with pictures of all of our adventures!

Until then,

Blessings from Bucharest!!


Day 5 of Camp, Guest Blogger: Reagan

Being the only returning student on the Romania team I thought this week would be a breeze, I knew what to expect with the schedule, the meals, and the kids. But of course as things sometimes go what you expect is not reality. One thing I expected was a different set of kids than last year, we were told that we would be watching over older children and that they would be easy to handle. I was super excited to try and have deep theological discussions with the kids here but then it turned out we had younger kids and many of them were the same from the year before. This meant less discussions and more struggle to get them to settle down and go to bed. But looking back now at the week I’m glad we got the kids we did.

One kid named Gabi who I knew from last year was an angel and the biggest help to me. He taught me a lot of Romanian phrases and would help us to settle the other kids down. Another kid named Dani who I also knew from last year gave me some rewarding experiences, he enjoys the little things like piggy back rides and just hanging out. Another fun thing was hanging out with all the translators who were here last year and meeting the new ones. Over all I had a great time and would not change a thing. And though I’m kinda sad to leave the camp tomorrow Im also excited to go to the city again and see the sights. I can’t wait for next year to come back and do it all again.

[Delayed] Day 4 of Camp! Guest Blogger: Jared

Once again, greetings from Romania. Today, once again, started with a quick staff meeting down in the dining hall followed by breakfast. We then went up to the SALA to do morning program. Amy MC’d  and the kids got to make a picture frame, as well as take  a polaroid to put in the frame. Only a few kids could make the frame at a time, so most of us entertained them with a special kind of paper, which has colors under a thin black film, which can then be scratched off with a toothpick to reveal the underlying colors. After that, all the kids once again did their rotations. we had sports, song/dance, and english. since we had more time and had combined 2 stations (song and Dance), each rotation was now half an hour. After that we went and had lunch, and then headed off to Superland, a half indoor amusement park, half shopping mall that had all sorts of interesting things to look at. Coming home we were running a little behind schedule, so we let the kids shower and then went right into dinner. Following dinner we went up to the SALA and had program, the message today was the woman caught in adultery, and we went right into it with a skit, followed by a message and a testimony. Julian MC’d, I gave the message, and David gave his testimony. Then the romanians led the kids in a couple more songs of worship and it was off to bed. I’m glad the kids learned that God loves them, regardless of whether or not they have sinned, and that everyone has sinned, no one is perfect. I hope our last day tomorrow is packed with more excitement, and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for us and the kids.