I went Facebook Live during our Christmas campaign this year. I am extremely blessed that I get to know these children who deserve a chance to escape this vicious cycle. These conditions are awful for anyone, but especially for children.



Happy 4 Year Anniversary to Me and Romania! Here’s a blog about my favorite and least favorite things about Bucharest!

A brief summary of December 2015 with the two ministries I am working with….Hope Rescue Centre and Refuge Center


I really can’t remember what this video is about but I can guarantee you its cringe-worthy….which is why I refuse to look at it.  But feel free to watch it yourself and find out!


Bored in my apartment one day and thought I would make a video about Bucharest. I am so glad I did because now I don’t think twice about the “random/strange” things I thought of back then. It’s all so normal to me now!


A recap of my first three months in Bucharest starting in June of 2012! I was so young and naive and…. brave! Who moves from LA to Bucharest alone at 22!? I do! I could never do now what I did back then but I am SO glad I did. Best decision ever!